Graft versus host disease in a patient with chronic granulocytic leukemia who received an hematopoietic progenitor cell transplant

  • Marta Zapata-Tarrés Instituto Nacional de Pediatría
  • Eduardo López-Corella Instituto Nacional de Pediatría
  • Martín Pérez-García Instituto Nacional de Pediatría
  • Roberto Rivera-Luna Instituto Nacional de Pediatria


Male patient age 6 years 9 months, native of the State of Mexico,
without relevant antecedents. Parents age 32 years, with highschool
level education, merchants; subject has a brother age 10
years and a sister age 4 years. His government vaccination plan
is complete. Two months ago he presented onset of fever, epistaxis,
and splenomegaly. At Hospital Materno Infantil de Toluca
the blood biometry reported: hemoglobin 8.8 g/dL, hematocrit
24%, leukocytes 230,500/mm3, neutrophils 21%, bands 34%,
lymphocytes 9%, monocytes 7%, blasts 14%, basophils 11%,
eosinophils 4%. An analysis found: serum creatinine and liver
function tests normal.

Biografía del autor/a

Marta Zapata-Tarrés, Instituto Nacional de Pediatría
Oncology Service
Eduardo López-Corella, Instituto Nacional de Pediatría
Department of Pathology.
Martín Pérez-García, Instituto Nacional de Pediatría
Transplant Service.
Roberto Rivera-Luna, Instituto Nacional de Pediatria
Hemato-Oncology Division.


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Zapata-Tarrés, M., López-Corella, E., Pérez-García, M., & Rivera-Luna, R. (2014). Graft versus host disease in a patient with chronic granulocytic leukemia who received an hematopoietic progenitor cell transplant. Acta Pediátrica De México, 35(1), 45-54.
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